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  • Chloe Chapdelaine

10 Best Ways to Treat Yo'self

So your pay check just came in. What's a hard worked month if you don't blow your whole cheque in two days? Sometimes you just gotta treat yourself! Ya know?? If you feel like blowing your money on things that’ll make you feel good about yourself, look no further! Here’s the ultimate list to pamper yourself.

(photo by @shesaidyeah_)

  1. Get nude acrylic nails. They’re classy. They make you feel like a boss @$$ b*tch, and if you like to party you can now show up the boys and do a thumb gun without difficulty. Check. (Plus they grow out nice!)

  2. Get eyelash extensions. I don’t know what it is about having hair on my eyelids that makes me feel so pretty, but it’s true. I go from “meh it me” to “LOOKOUT LADIES I GOT SUCH FLUTTERY LASHES I’M BASICALLY A BUTTERFLY AND I WILL FLOAT ABOVE ALL YALL so MOVE OVER”.

  3. Touch up your hair! Those roots? Girrrlll, I see you, and they’re more exposed than the fact you’re considering breaking up with your boyfriend because you keep crying about him at the bar. Just fix ‘em. You’ll feel so much better.

  4. Wax. Wax everything. Beauty is pain. But beauty is also feeling so sleek that you basically are a dolphin. After getting a full Brazilian, you feel like you can fight off your ex middle school bully next time you run into them at the mall because your pain tolerance is THROUGH THE ROOF, and if she comes at you, no problem, you’re a slick ninja that can slip through any situation because you are a sleeeeeek mother trucker and everyone knows it.

  5. Nothing is more deluxe than sitting in front of your Netflix with a good ol’ green mask on. (Bonus points if you’re in a bubble bath simultaneously). Get yourself to Lush, buy yourself the smelliest facemask there is and put on your best Shreck impression. Like an ogre, you’ll shed your shrivelled up outer layer and emerge with glowing skin knowing “this is my swamp”.

  6. Wine. White or red. Either works. This one explains itself (no shame if you drink it straight from the bottle).

  7. This one may be thrown off by the wine, but we’ll still do it. Buy that $11 green smoothie that somehow magically detoxifies your whole body. Even if you have to pretend you like the taste, your body will (probably) for sure like the benefits.

  8. If you haven’t had your teeth whitened before and you listen close enough, you miiiight just hear your teeth crying. Just kidding. It can be expensive, but it’s the best way to hide the fact that you don’t actually drink water 90% of the time and live off of green tea lattes, coffee, and red wine #oops Honestly though, nothing feels better than a glowing smile!

  9. Retail therapy. It works. Makeup, clothes, chocolate, just go for it.

  10. Nothing speaks louder than barely there eyebrows. Avoid that awkward situation by booking yourself an eyebrow tint with your trusty eyebrow technician. Be bold!

And there ya have it! Could the money go towards better things? Probably. But will you regret it? Nope. Sometimes you just gotta give yourself a little love!



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