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  • Chloe Chapdelaine

10 Facts About Me


Welcome to my first ever blog post! (*streamers, confetti, and sparkles all shoot from rockets simultaneously while an orchestra plays inspiring music in the background*)

I’ve been wanting to create a blog for quite a while now, and so finally went ahead and did it! (Woot woot!!)

I’m hoping to treat this blog as a journal, giving you guys a small insight into my crazy life. It’s no secret I’m a very busy person, but somehow, even in the craziest of times, I always find time to sit down and write. It’s healthy to take time to reflect, and so combining my passion of writing (I’m a journalism student, in case you didn’t know!) with a therapeutic relaxation strategy, with still getting the chance to interact with all of you lovely people just sounds too good to be true.

If you’re going to take time to read my blogs, you might as well get to know a bit about me first.

Without further delay, here are 10 random facts about me!

1. My favourite food is popcorn

I know this’ll sound corny but… I absolutely love popcorn. Like when I say love, I mean if I had one food to eat for the rest of life, popcorn would pop right into first place. Kettle corn, caramel corn, just plain salt a butter…. it’s all too good.

2. I listen to all kinds of music

Sometimes I’m in the mood for Mozart, some days metal. From country, to electronic, to rap, to pop, I’ve probably got it hidden somewhere in my playlist.

3. I’m kind of a nerd

For example, when I was in grade 10 I won a contest at school for memorizing the most digits of Pi (it was over 200 digits!). I took AP math in high school and considered recently entering a whistling contest (but backed out because I didn’t want to look toooooooo nerdy)

4. I believe everything happens for a reason

I believe in good vibes and that timing is everything. You attract what you believe in and that every second in life has purpose.

5. I have an appreciation for visual arts

I completed one year in college taking visual communications, and in that time developed a profound love for art. I’m a visual learner, and love to sculpt. Instagram is my favourite social media app because it’s all about what you can see, and although I’m with a modelling agency, I prefer to be the person behind the camera.

6. Summer is my season

Why do I live where the cold hurts my face? I don’t know. I really don’t. Please take me to Mexico… or Hawaii… or Cali. Actually, just take me anywhere warm. (Please).

7. I’m a dog person

’nuff said.

8. I can say the alphabet backwards

I’m a freak, I know. Someone call Ellen, I should get a feature on her show for having this skill

9. This is going to sound crazy but…

I swear I have “musical ESP”. What is “musical ESP” you ask? Let me tell you. It’s a super power. Or maybe a super insanely awesome skill? Whatever it is, I’m basically magic. I SWEAR that half the time I can just tell what song is going to play next on the radio BEFORE it starts the play. For real! Have a song stuck in your head?? I can probably guess what that song is too. Hogwarts, come at me.

10. There is only one food on this entire planet that I don’t like

Frog legs? Delicious. Snails? YUM. Raw fish? Get in my belly!!! I’ll even eat bugs. But olives? EW. BLAH. WHY IS THAT EVEN A FOOD!? As hard as I try to enjoy them, I’m sorry, I just can’t. I want to love them! But I don’t need the taste of a rotten toe fungus grape in my mouth.

And that’s it!!

Hope you guys enjoyed my first blog post! I hope to start blogging about my future travels and experiences soon. Feel free to contact me with any blog ideas you want to hear from me!




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