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  • Chloe Chapdelaine

Fullerton Hotel Singapore: A Fortress Among the City-Scape

If you want to stay in Singapore in style, there’s no classier place than the luxurious Fullerton Hotel. From the second you step out of your ride and make your way up the red carpeted entrance, the undeniable (yet serene) essence of grandiose is apparent. From the towering fortress walls to the Italian marble floors, this location is a proud (and worthy!) attraction along the Singapore River.

Standing outside of the stunning building. Photo taken by Kalen Emsly

Upon arriving, my initial notes were that of history and scale- Doric columns spanned the borders among stately ceilings. The clicks of high heels as people scurried to their dinner reservations could be heard echoing through the spacious tiered lobby. After an effortless check-in, my bags were escorted up to meet me at my room, which met me with the same amount of allure.

A true "red carpet" entrance!

As I entered my room, I immediately felt a wave of ease overcome me (the type you get when you return home after a long vacation, despite mine just beginning). Vanilla and earth tones contrasted the high-tech appliances offered, offering old school charm paired with modern amenities. Aside from a Jacuzzi and rain-fall shower, I was pleased to find electronic curtains that opened to a private open space with just the touch of a button. Despite staying by myself, I immediately was wishing I had my partner to share the (unbelievably comfy) king bed with (but instead I had the heated toilet-seat and tush-dryer to myself). Not only were things tidy, spacious, and well stocked, but the staff were also friendly and were happy to answer all questions I had.

One thing you know I always love is a pool with a view, and the Fullerton did not disappoint. I woke up for an early morning dip during sunrise, and was pleased to have the space to myself before beginning my day and exploring what Singapore had to offer.

Can't go to a pool without testing out their pool... This one exceeded expectations. Photo taken by Kalen Emsly

Something that pleased me about the Fullerton was

This was my breakfast from the first day... before I went back for seconds.

that although concierge was quick to ask if I needed a taxi, there were also lots of amenities within walking distance, including the Marina Bay and many tourist and food options (I personally started my day with a Starbucks coffee and then biked around town). However, before I set out, I had to stop at their buffet breakfast, which I have to admit was absolutely delicious (as was the afternoon tea). Not only was there a wide selection of options, but the staff was eager to make anything I requested, and it became something I looked forward to each day during my stay. One thing I would be cautious of however is if you have an allergy (I am personally gluten-free) that there can be cross contamination or incorrectly labelled items, so use your best judgment before eating if this is something that affects you.

I loved learning about the history of this magnificent heritage building, which I’ll let you discover on your own (but I’ll share a bit just so you know what you’re in for, haha). Built in 1928, it has had a variety of purposes before more recently evolving into the luxury hotel it is today, and each of them equally contribute to the story of how Singapore came to be today, so be sure to inquire during your stay!

It was a pleasant surprise that locations like this were a quick cab ride away. Photo taken by Kalen Emsly

Overall, my stay was relaxing, exciting, lavish, and… well… fun. I would stay here again in a heartbeat, and still occasionally dream of the hors d'oeuvres and espressos from afternoon tea. If you have the budget and want to invest in a stay that doesn’t disappointing, I’d absolutely add this to your list.

Happy travels and enjoy your adventure!



(Oh, and P.S. check the prices before you grab anything from the mini-bar, because this place has prices that match it’s scale, but I’m sure you already know to do that ;))


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