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  • Chloe Chapdelaine

Romantic Slovenian Country-Side Villa: Villa Majda

Something that strikes me about Slovenia is how is romantic it is… Rolling picturesque hills leading to sprawling vineyards (with some areas even cradled by the lull of the ocean). Everywhere I went I found myself entranced by the gentle gestures of the land, as if I were being personally invited by the sights, supple songs, and flavours to have a more intimate view of its beauty. One place, however, that reminded me of romance in every moment was upon a lovely stay at Villa Majda.

red leaves, canopy, villa, slovenia, smiling, vines, pool, hanging out window
I think the view of the canopy of red vines backed by the pool was one of my favourite features of my room!

Villa Majda is in nestled right on the outskirts of the village of Osp, an area known for its vineyards and olive trees. Not far from the coast, this country-side spot boasts rolling hills and gorgeous nature, including in the garden right outside of Villa Majda.

Driving up, you’re greeted by gates leading toward the main building, where you can also find an outdoor pool and seating to soak in the Mediterranean climate. Although my stay there was brief, it was still lovely, and for many reasons.

Checking in, you walk alongside the front of the building towards the pool, and take the first door to the left (where the indoor bar counter is, in case you have trouble finding it or find it isn’t clearly marked). On the main floor spans the eating area (that is prepared with fresh locally grown ingredients), and after you walk through that there’s stairs to the upper floors where you’ll find the rooms.

Behind me is the main building where you can check in and grab a locally-sourced meal.

On this trip I was hoping to leave feeling relaxed, and it looks like I found just that. The first thing I noticed about our room was the large size bed, followed by the luxurious bathroom (with a shower big enough to fit two!). Heavenly smelling luxurious soaps and lotions lined the counters, and the towels weren’t only soft, but were generously sized (which is something I don’t see often). For reference, we stayed in the Superior Double 45 room.

The decor was reminiscent of the Istrian surroundings, and I thought that the ceiling to floor curtains (which lead to windows that opened to a view) were a lovely touch. I could easily see why this place would be considered for wedding receptions or getaways, and based on the music I could hear in the evening I think people were doing just that (or else had found another nearby spot to get their party on… Congrats to the newlyweds). Thankfully we are heavy sleepers and it didn’t bug us too much!

vineyard, window, girl, dress
The vineyard view from my window!

Knowing me, I had to give the pool a test (and it was a fun yet freezing way to start my day), but I think my favourite thing about it was how stunning it looked backed by the vines that climbed the building beside it. I can see how on warmer days it would be a great spot for a dip to escape the heat from the weather or room.

bikini, girl, vines, pool
Can someone please transport this to my backyard so I can have it all the time?

Breakfast was a treat (you could taste how fresh the ingredients were), and our waitress was quick to make sure we had everything we could ask for plus more. I would have loved to try dinner there, and think I’ll have to add this to my list for the future!!

Overall it was a lovely stay and I can see myself returning here for some rest and escape from the bustle of the nearby town streets. It was a strong way to kick off my road trip around Slovenia, and I’m happy to have experienced it.

Happy travels and enjoy your adventure!




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