• Chloe Chapdelaine

Things I Learned About Love While Travelling Abroad

When I tell people over the age of 40, “Oh yeah, I’m travelling Europe for a month with my boyfriend,” they usually don’t react well. Most of the time they say something along the lines of, “We’ll see how much you guys like each other after that...” or, “that’s a fast way to ruin a relationship,” as if half expecting me to refund my plane ticket and decide not to go. Considering you don't see me commenting to their faces about their pending divorce, I was reluctant to listen to their love advice.

Keeping their criticism in mind, I (obviously) still went forward with my trip.

While spending a month travelling abroad with my boyfriend, this is what I learned about love:

Love is your boyfriend holding your passport, backpack, and boarding pass just so you can finish inhaling your snickers bar before you get to the front of the airport boarding line.

Love is double checking he has the room key before he leaves the hotel room every single time so he doesn’t lock him self out.

Love is him leaving you so you can nap while he goes to the gym (because he knows you’ll need some time to yourself).

Love is him buying you a coffee even when you told him you didn’t want one just because he knows you were lying.

Love is him waiting at the airport to pick you up for over an hour, just so you don’t get lost.

Love is him going to (many) art museums and listening to you go on about the history about the different artists and pieces even though he couldn’t care at all.

Love is him keeping an extra few tampons in his backpack just in case.

Love is letting him point out every car he thinks is cool and pretending you’re interested without feeling the need to tell him that you really don’t know anything about cars.

Love is him telling you that you look beautiful when you wake up even though your hair is matted, morning breath could probably knock out a giraffe, and you have pillow lines on half your face.

Love is him carrying around the 30 pound camera backpack without you asking because he knows it’s too heavy.

Love is him taking thousands of pictures of you just so you can get one “insta-worthy” pic.

Love is pretending his 2in1 Shampoo Body Wash is actually okay and not complaining about how frizzy your hair is after using it.

Love is knowing when to take the high road and when to argue back.

Love is him knowing you both will have bad days but not making a big deal about them.

Love is him getting your hoodie dry cleaned when you spill makeup on it to make you feel better.

Love is going cliff jumping but you doing all the jumps first to prove to him he won’t die on it.

Love is him being super excited when he sees a cupcake stand with gluten free cupcakes because it means he can get one for you too!

Love is rubbing sunscreen on his back in that place he just can’t quite reach.

Love is him wanting you to meet his mom, dad, grandma, grandpa, great uncle, cousin, etc. just so they know who he keeps talking about.

Love is him giving you the last bite of ramen noodles even though you know he really wants it.

Love is being there for him to rant to when his family has just about driven him over the edge.

Love is him needing to hold you hand in order to fall asleep.

Love is sharing all the moments from your favourite TV shows on YouTube together.

Love is both ways.

Love is patient.

Love is understanding.

Love is unexpected.

Love is true.

With love,