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  • Chloe Chapdelaine

I Gave Up Dairy for a Month: Here’s How it Went

So, being celiac in itself sucks enough (no bagels, pasta, bread, good food, etc.).

Being celiac AND lactose intolerant... you don’t need to feel bad for me, I already feel bad enough for myself.

I pledged to myself to be healthier in diet, physical exercise, and mindset this year, and so transitioning into this new mindful life, I decided to try what it was like to cut dairy completely from my diet.

I can say with certainty I am 100% gluten free- I don’t even let my bread go in the same toaster as normal bread.

I can say with certainty I 100% love dairy, but dairy doesn’t love me.

I’m that person to order yogurt for breakfast, extra cheese on my sub, ice cream for desert, and chocolate milk as a snack.

Why I decided to cut dairy actually baffles me.

I started ordering my gluten-free sandwiches without cheese, getting my lattes made with almond milk, and crying when my friends invited me out for milkshakes (I tried to convince myself kombucha or Diet Coke was just as good).

Here's how it went:

Within the first week, I had intense cravings. I wanted chocolate, and cheese, and macchiatos, and cheese, and wait, did I mention cheese?

However (and I don’t know how) I held up, and didn’t have any. (I’m actually so proud of myself).

Part of the reason I went cold turkey was because I was told it would help with my skin, my digestion, and my overall feeling of health. ALL THINGS THAT EVERYBODY WANTS RIGHT??????

I can tell you right now I did not notice a single change. Diddly squat.

I still would get bloated after some meals, my skin didn’t suddenly transform into a glowing crystal of youth, and honestly, I felt the exact same (with intense cheese cravings). I had sacrificed one of my favourite food groups with little return.

On the 31st day of absolutely no dairy, I cracked and went grocery shopping.

I bought cottage cheese, white cheese, orange cheese, (lactose free) chocolate milk, chocolate, butter, (lactose free) white milk, and a tub of ice cream. And I had no regrets.

I popped my lactaid pills, ate my dairy, moved on with my life and have never been happier.

Maybe for some people going dairy free actually does make a difference, maybe for some it’s a placebo, and maybe, like for me, it won’t work at all.

Do I regret trying? Nope. It actually gave me some closure knowing I could eat my cheese with confidence (and a stomach ache). But to me, it’s not the same as cutting out gluten (like, at all). It’s simply not worth it.

What can I say, I love my milkshakes.




Aug 23, 2019

When it comes to cheese, saturated fat and cholesterol is the real problem. And with those you won't notice any difference until it's too late.


Aug 23, 2019

Cheese for the win!!! :)

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