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  • Chloe Chapdelaine

Samsara Resort: Private Canmore Alpine Escape

Sometimes you want to go on vacation without it feeling like you’re leaving the comfort of your own home… and that’s exactly what you get when you stay at Samsara Resorts.

Canmore is truly one of my favourite places to travel, not only for its proximity to so many amazing experiences like skiing, hiking, rafting, canoeing, and more, but also because it takes all of the quaint cuteness of a mountain town like Banff, but presents it in what I view as a “less touristy” way. The mountains are just spectacular, the restaurants are *chef’s kiss*, and it feels quieter that the 24 hour hustle and bustle of Banff, allowing for a more relaxing stay. This is what makes it such a must-stay-at location for me, and why I chose to spend my birthday there!

This is the main living-room with the kitchen and dining area in the upper back! The decor was stunning and it offered lots of in-suite enterainment options to keep busy with!

For my March birthday weekend, I planned all of the typical mountain adventures to do in the area (such as skating on Lake Minnewakanka), however, one of the most exciting things for me was to get to stay in Samsara Resorts. I stayed in the “Gatsby Suite,” and it was just as rich and bold of a place as the name suggests.

Driving up I was pleased to see the space offered its own private garage with access to the suite, which was nice considering the cold weather makes for chilly mornings starting the car if you park on a street. Entering the suite, it was immediately clear that space wasn’t going to be an issue. Being 2850 square feet and accommodating 12 guests, the suite felt like such a better option than if you had to rent out separate hotel rooms to accommodate a party of 12. Although I was just visiting with a few of my close friends, I easily could have fit more people, and I could see this space being ideal for a bridal party, or if a large family (or even a few families) wanted a place to stay for the week that was more practical than separating or getting multiple rooms at a nearby hotel. And not only was it spacious, but it offered all of the luxury to match.

This was the view of the mountain range from the upper-balcony.

This suite has 4 bedrooms and 4.5 bathrooms (which all were large, and some even offered heated flooring), a full kitchen (equipped with everything we needed plus more, including an espresso machine), large flat-screen TVs in each bedroom, laundry, multiple living-room areas, and the best part, a private hot-tub (all spaced out over four stories)!

Aside from the gorgeous and beautifully decorated space, one thing I especially appreciated was the attention to detail and responsiveness of out contact who we booked through. Upon arriving, I entered the room to it being fully decorated with “happy birthday” balloons, and the dining table set and ready for a birthday dinner. Any questions we had were just a text away, and always promptly answered, which overall made for a stress-free stay (+ double points for the private hot-tub to wind down in).

On my birthday I enjoyed the luxury of feeling pampered in the space as the snow bucketed in fluffy flakes around us, and honestly I couldn’t imaging a more cozy way to spend a winter weekend with my loved one. If I’m completely honest, I wish this space was my home so I could live in it full-time (it’s seriously so cute).

After waking up in an exceptionally comfy bed, I had to take in the stunning views from the king suite window. (*Me thinking about how many times I was going to wipe-out during skiing*)

I would absolutely consider booking at this location the next time I head to Canmore with friends or family (the value is honestly so much better than spending it on hotel rooms, and you get so much more including privacy, which is so important to me). If it’s within your budget, consider this as your next stay for your après-ski, or as a home-like place to return to between hikes (or seriously, you could spend your whole vacation here if you really wanted).

Happy travels and enjoy your adventure!




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