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  • Chloe Chapdelaine

Lake Louise Inn: The Perfect Location for Mountain Adventures

I’m going to share one of the biggest secrets to getting the most out of your mountain adventures, and it’s so easy I don’t know why more people don’t do it… Ready?

Stay in the mountains. It’s that simple.

We had a bonfire in this gazebo with drinks one evening and the vibes were immaculate.

I know this may sound like common sense, but for a lot of people, it doesn’t even cross their mind. And, a word of advice, it’s even better if you stay as close as possible to where you want to explore.

Why? Well let me start with a little story.

One of my favourite areas to hike is around Lake Louise and Moraine lake. The summer season boasts picturesque views, but the autumn is when the mountains really come to life. Around September and October the larch trees (an alpine deciduous tree that is found at higher altitudes) give a final show before losing their canopy by turning a vibrant yellow colour, and hikers flock from around the country to witness the spectacle (it’s called “Larch Madness” for a reason). One year when I was living in Calgary, I decided that I wanted to attempt a sunrise larch hike, so set my alarms for 2am so I could wake up before the crowds and drive out to the trailhead…

And everything was going to plan until I arrived there just around 5am, and the parking lot to Moraine Lake was FULL and park workers were turning everyone AWAY. While I could have slept in, I instead woke up at an absurd time of the morning, dragged by groggy self to the my car, and set out on a flop of an adventure.

The worst part? It could have all been avoided. (Do you see where I’m going with this?)

Sunrise hikes like this become infinitely more attainable when you don't have to wake up at 2am to drive from Calgary and can instead wake up 10 minutes before you want to start.

Stories like this are just some of the reasons that staying at Lake Louise Inn is so amazing… Because yes. Location matters. But it’s not only the location that makes Lake Louise Inn so great, so let’s talk about it.

Lake Louise Inn is one of my favourite resorts I’ve stayed at that is in such close proximity to so many iconic trail heads and lakes, which in turn makes sunrise adventures much more attainable (those few extra hours of ZZZs really help, trust me). Once you enter Lake Louse Village, you turn right immediately before the plaza, and the hotel appears shortly after on your right! It’s within walking distance (or a really short drive) from TrailHead Café (a post-hike essential), gas stations, and some smaller restaurant options, and the drive up to the lakes only takes a few minutes.

Checking into my room, I was immediately taken aback by the amount of care and thought put into my room (a bottle of bubbles plus some munchies was left for Hamish and I), however, it was the room (and view) that really impressed us. The room we stayed was spacious and had more than enough room to accommodate the two of us. I’ve stayed here on multiple occasions and we’ve easily been able to fit in enough people to have a friends game night if needed (especially if you get one of the rooms that spans over two floors, which I reccomend).

This is the wooded area behind many of properties... Lush is an understatement.

To the back area is the feeling of a serene, wooded area, and to the front of the building there is a gorgeous wooden gazebo that is perfect to be rented for events. The property is spaced out enough that it feels like you’re going for a gentle forested stroll by exploring the different areas. Furthermore, one thing I appreciated that it was removed from the busy touristy strip closer up to the lakes, so despite its convenient proximity, it still had a sense of peacefulness.

All of my sleeps there have always been amazing, and I believe in part that was due to the fact I was at peace knowing that all of needs were within reach, including a delicious buffet breakfast (the food here is amazing)! I would like to personally thank the chef for continuously going out of his way to make me gluten free options, including a gluten free lava cake with fresh berries which almost made me tear up. I felt safe and reassured eating there with allergy, and absolutely appreciate the kitchen and chef’s diligence in doing so, it left me feeling very cared for.

Although I wanted to try the pool (you know how I am about my pools), I unfortunately was not able to due to it being closed due to Covid restrictions, although by the time this is posted I am confident those will have fully lifted. However, it looked lovely and was also accompanied by hot tubs/ whirl pools (the next time I visit you know I’ll be visiting this first)! There are also complimentary seasonal activities like snowshoeing, mini golf, and bikes, which is great for families or people looking to stay active on and around the resort.

Overall, I love Lake Louise Inn. I love its location, I love their staff, their chefs are phenomenal, and their rooms are lovely. It’s a great value to book there considering everything the surrounding area offers, and I’m already scheming my next visit. If you plan on spending time around Lake Louise or Moraine Lake, you already know where to book.

Happy travels and enjoy your adventure!




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