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  • Chloe Chapdelaine

Must-Stay Place in Slovenia: Triangel Boutique Hotel

I’ve stayed at many many hotels in my life, but it’s rare I leave one without a single thing I would change… but that all changed after staying at Triangel Boutique Hotel. One word: wow.

A misty morning sunrise paired well with my coffee.

I had the pleasure of being hosted by Triangel Boutique Hotel recently, and all I can say is that I dream of the next time I’m going to get the opportunity to revisit this amazing place.

Every single part of my experience was spectacular, and I can’t stress enough how enjoyable of a stay my time there was (from the moment I arrived, to the moment I left).

To begin with, Triangel Boutique Hotel is located near Kranjska Gora, which is cute little mountain town in Slovenia with many amenities and tourism attractions (I would compare it to the “Banff” of Canada!). From the hotel, you’re within a 30 minute drive from many stunning spots, like Lake Jasna, Vršič Pass, and even Lake Bled, which I recommend if you’re staying here (it’s that classic Slovenian post-card spot). You’ll find the property right as you’re entering town, and it's backed by the stunning mountain range of the Julian Alps (the view from our room was truly spectacular, I’ll attach a photo for proof).

This is the view from the bath... someome start running the water!

Upon pulling in, we were greeted at our car by the loveliest man who offered to help with bags, and made our check in process enjoyable (he was quick to offer lots of ideas of nearby adventures, including a short walk to a waterfall you can take directly from the hotel), and this hospitality was continued through every single encounter we had with staff. After a tour of the property (which included a spacious dining area and a generous wellness center, aside from a stunning lobby), we were escorted to our room, where were greeted with a bottle of house champagne.

This photo was taken from the walking path towards the nearby waterfall! There are plenty of gorgeous walks in the area.

Of all the rooms I visited in Slovenia, this one absolutely took the cake for the best room. Our entire view-facing wall was comprised of windows facing the mountain range, with glass doors that opened to a full balcony. Our room, which I believe was the "Deluxe Room" on their website, had a seating area, a large bed, a massive view-facing round tub, and a luxurious washroom… but aside from the gold-played accents and beautiful interior decor, what really struck me was the cleanliness of the space (and this isn’t something I say often). The room was spotless, and sparkled from corner to corner (even the bubble-bath shimmered!). In fact, the glass door to the washroom was *so clean* I may have even walked into it by accident (don’t worry, this is the best kind of problem to have, and yes it resulted in even more giggles). It oozed luxury with humble features, and the traditional feel of the space mixed with modernity was refreshing.

After getting settled, we headed downstairs for a 5 course dinner with wine pairing. If you take one thing out of this entire blog post, it’s to eat dinner at their restaurant. Seriously. Triangel Boutique Hotel has *the best* food I had for the duration of my couple-month long Slovenia stay. The ingredients were fresh, the food was beautifully plated, the dishes were creative, and it was all cooked to absolute perfection for every single course in the 5 course meal. I still dream of this meal and the local wines that were paired with it. This, matched with exceptional service from our server Jan, (as well as the warmth from the kitchen staff who even let us come up close and observe them making our meals in their open-layout kitchen), lead for an amazing experience all around. This might sound dramatic, but it may have been the best meal I’ve ever had while traveling (and no, I promise I’m not paid to say this). The next morning, after our cloud-like slumber, the breakfast options were just as delicious, and there were both an ale-carte and buffet style option to choose from.

I truly believe this place deserves top points in every category, and bonus point for the hospitality during our stay. If you can only stay at one place during your time in Slovenia, the experience of this hotel paired with its proximity to so many amenities and viewpoints makes this an absolute must-experience place, and I’m grateful for my time there.

Happy travels and enjoy your adventure!




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