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  • Chloe Chapdelaine

Unforgettable Slovenian Eco-Stay: Hotel Plesnik

One day I’m casually scrolling on my TikTok (as you do), and the next I’m rampantly searching the internet in pursuit of finding the unbelievably gorgeous quaint seating area surrounded by a pool that I saw some girl dive into during her European travel vlog. Well, needless to say, BOOM I found it (and better yet, I stayed there!!).

This pool was the true highlight of the stay!

Slovenia is full of beauty. That goes without saying. Each corner dawns new landscapes, different cultural influences, and its own unique experiences, and that’s something that makes this country so special in my eyes. However, one spot that specifically stood out to me in terms of natural beauty is Logar Valley, which is where you’ll find today’s special stay, Hotel Plesnik.

Hotel Plesnik is the epitome of what you’d find in a relaxing wellness escape (and honestly, I think that’s something we can all use). Even the drive in is relaxing… As I entered the Logar Valley, the mountains open up to a spectacular valley that looks like something you’d find as an opening scene from a movie. This narrow road draws you towards the mountains, past pastures of shaggy highland cows, and into the lush green land until you arrive at the little gem of Hotel Plesnik.

This is one of the cute little guys we made friends with on the drive in!

Since Hotel Plesnik is removed from most civilization, parking is easy in their open lot, and immediately you’re serenaded by the songs of birds and true quietness. While checking in we were educated on Hotel Plesnik’s zero-waste vision, which aims to bring harmony with nature into their space, and is included in all of their services. While ordering dinner (which is locally sourced!), your meals need to be placed ahead of time so the kitchen knows exactly how much to prepare without contributing to unneeded food-waste, which I think is an amazing initiative to see in a hotel. They are awarded with a Green Globe environmental award, which they say was a logical step for them to apply for, as Ayurveda-based practices and environmental sustainability are at the forefront of their core values.

We stayed in the main building, which had an impressive view of the wellness pool, as well as the expansive well-groomed fields. Since we decided to visit in Autumn, we were also treated by vibrant orange trees bordering the hills of the valleys, which made for quite a sight. Our room itself was quaint, but perfect for everything we needed, and I appreciated that we had both a bathroom window that faced the view, as well as a balcony! The beds were very comfortable, and the interior design of the building felt rustic yet welcoming. Wood accents and framed art complimented some traditional elements brought into the decor. However, the real stand-out factor of this place was without a doubt the wellness centre.

Not a bad place to wash my hands.

Considering we came here expecting a nice stay, we left like we just left a spa-retreat. The wellness centre was simply spectacular, and I can see why this would make a perfect spot for a yoga or mindfulness retreat. Entering the wellness centre, you’re greeted by what appears to be 70s inspired architecture paired with stone and fun designs. Inside you’ll find a temperature controlled room with a conversation (or relaxation, whichever you choose) pit, a jacuzzi, several different types of saunas, tea and refreshments, and more. The best part is that the entire rear-facing wall is actually a glass window which opens up to the view, which includes an unheated outdoor pool for cool dips or an icy swim if you’re up for the cold. In this pool they don’t use chemicals, and there’s fish swimming among it that are sizeable considering I was expecting them to be like goldfish! I’d definitely recommend hopping in for a thrill during your relaxation routine.

This is the valley (AKA the view) directly behind the hotel.

The next morning we were treated to an absolutely delicious buffet style breakfast. There was a wide assortment of options, including many traditional Slovenian foods and drinks! My favourite, however, was the fresh local young cheese topped with the wild blueberry compote… I don’t know if you’re supposed to eat it like that but it was so good I still dream of it today. That, washed down with a glass of elderflower juice was nothing short of scrumptious (paired with a side of bacon and eggs, of course). If you’re staying at Hotel Plesnik, I highly recommend eating at their restaurant because not only is their food amazing, but if you plan on eating elsewhere, you have a considerable drive ahead of you unless you’re wanting to try some fresh milk or meat products from a nearby vending machine (stocked by the local farmers with cheeses, meats, ice cream, yoghurt, and more!).

My morning stroll!

This is the type of place that it’s worth waking up as soon as the sun rises just to enjoy the serenity of the view, or to go for a peaceful stroll as the mist settles in the valley. Returning from out morning adventures, we were sad to checkout because we wish we could have stayed here longer. The location was stunning, the staff were lovely, the room was cute, the food was great, and the wellness centre is more than memorable. I’d highly consider adding this to your itinerary if you’re looking for a rejuvenating stay surrounded by the power and beauty of nature.

Happy travels and enjoy your adventure!




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